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29th July 2021: Well that's it then. General Synod dissolved, prorogued and consigned to history. Elections for the next General Synod to be held in August and we wish all those elected to form the new General Synod all the best for the future. There continues to be much to grapple with.

OSG held an AGM meeting on Wednesday 6th July, 2021, at 6:30PM on Zoom. Whether the timing was ufortunate or other matters got in the way, we missed a number of members including Committee members, which was sad. The Minutes are here.

The OSG continues to hold an open door for those Members of Synod looking for a neutral space whilst our latest Newsletter is now online and can be downoaded from here. Do feel free to circulate among friends or use in your Parishes.

PS: If you would like to comment on OSG matters or make suggestions, perhaps for future speakers or events, please get in touch by emailing the webmaster.



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